Washi tape - 4 rolls


Washi tapes - choose 4 rolls of tape from the 16 designs available, mix & match the designs as you'd like. Please add the names of the 4 rolls you want in the notes section when you get to the cart.

15mm wide by 10 metres long. The images of the tapes are in the order listed below - 

1. toadstools WT200
2. cactus WT227
3. bugs WT214
4. bright toadstools WT201
5. scandi floral WT140
6. summer blooms (bright blue floral) WT122
7. spring floral (pale peach + flowers) WT121
8. meadow floral WT100
9. bright floral WT139
10. xmas foliage
11. blue flowers (pale blue floral)
12. xmas leaves
13. bright pink diamonds WT123
14. yellow pattern WT129
15. navy blue diamonds WT126
16. hot pink & yellow pattern WT125
17. teal triangles WT124
18. red & yellow diamonds WT127
19. red triangles on bright pink WT128

I'm so excited about having a new product to offer - especially as I'm a complete washi tape hoarder!

If you're not familiar with what washi tape is, it's lovely patterned sticky paper tape that you can use to pretty up your gifts, notebooks, journals, you can even collage with it.

Each tape comes in it's own Maggiemagoo Designs Kraft box too, so they make lovely little additions to a gift.

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